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Cloud Components
  GMM Handheld
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  TredX is born out of labors of IIT IIM professionals with decades of industrial experience. Backed by highly competent young technical team TredX boasts of an extremely efficient state of the art education delivery engine. Though it encompasses over 150 processes critical for education and training programs, it is extremely easy to use on any device anywhere.

P2E Tool Kit
  P2E Tool Kit
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  P2E tool kit is developed by Top Management of GMM using decades of project delivery experience in India. With both manufacturing and service industry best practices and Indian conditions, GMM takes its clients through a well structured approach to ensure timely project execution with minimum overruns. Also GMM will install best methods to ensure sustainability of operations.

CampMan -
Educational ERP
  CampMan - Educational ERP
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  CampMan is proprietary new generation educational ERP covering all campus management activities needed for educational institutions. It covers areas such as Admissions, Fees Administration, Faculty – Course Management, Attendance Systems, Testing and Performance / Progress Management etc.

G-Home :
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  Content Management
  » Cataloging, storage, backups
  » Version Control
  » Data Security
  » Authentication & Access Control
  » Language Support
  » Multimedia
  » Data Conversion
  » Data Entry Services
  » Central Campus
  Content Distribution
  » Internet Services
  » Broadband / Thin band connectivity
  » Multimedia distribution
  » Virtual class room studios
  » Physical distribution
  » Gateways / switches / hubs

G-Side :
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  New Age Class Room (s)
  Type A : G-Side
  G-Side is a cluster of 4 modular class rooms of 25 students with broadband and video wall.
A small coffee bar and toilet are added for student and faculty comfort.
  Type B : G-Side Mega
  G-Side Mega has minimum 10,000 sft and consists of clusters of Nooks and Gym, Restaurant and Book Store.
  Type C : G-Side Mini
  G-Side Mini has a single unit of class room for 25 students with toilet facility.
  Type D : G-Side Eco
  An economic version of G-Side to cater to budget conscious segment.
Technologies OUR ALLIANCES
  GMM uses state of the art technologies to deliver the process. Its alliance partners have been successfully using the technologies over the years.    
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