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G-Home is a centralized knowledge hub created by GMM Net that consolidates all educational and IT services under one roof. It has requisite platforms, hardware, software and tools to provide pan India educational services. Customers can choose to use G-Home of GMM Net or can create an educational hub for exclusive use using G-Home model.

Services that are offered through G-Home are :

  Content Management
  » Cataloging, storage, backups
  » Version Control
  » Data Security
  » Authentication & Access Control
  » Language Support
  » Multimedia
  » Data Conversion
  » Data Entry Services
  » Central Campus
  Content Distribution
  » Internet Services
  » Broadband / Thin band connectivity
  » Multimedia distribution
  » Virtual class room studios
  » Physical distribution
  » Gateways / switches / hubs
  Value Added Services
  » Campus Administration
  » Performance Measurement
  » Expert Services
  » Configuration consultancy
  » Service syndication
       + Colleges / Edu providers
       + Faculty
       + Online service providers
       + Class room aids / life style       products
  GMM Netís Project to Execution (P2E) Methodology ensures Projects conceived are executed as planned and within the time and cost parameters.    
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