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GMM Net’s Project to Execution (P2E) Methodology ensures Projects conceived are executed as planned and within the time and cost parameters. It permits practical way of identifying the issues in advance and alert concerned to take appropriate actions. It also permits estimation of impact on project due to unplanned events. Critical projects like Revamping Administration Functions, Automation of Admissions, Fees, Academics etc., Digitization of Course Contents, Introduction of New Courses / Buildings, Extension to other locations need efficient project management skills. GMM Net has people with rich practical experience in managing mega projects and can help Academic Institutions at different levels to ensure proper planning and monitoring of project activities to minimize cost and time overruns.
  P2E Perspective Views at different levels
  (a) Top Management View (Director / Dean / Principal etc.)
  (b) Financial Stakeholder View (Trustees / Directors / Patrons)
  (c) Project Manager View (Administration Head / Project Manager)
  (d) Department View (Concerned Department)
  Types of Projects where P2E Tool Kit can be used
  » Setting up of a Institute / College
  » Creation of New Block / New Department
  » Modernizing Facilities
  » Implementing new systems / processes
  » College Extensions to other cities / areas
  » Distance Learning
  » Collaborations with International / Reputed Institutes
  » Implementing Government Funded Projects
  » Others

P2E is built on modular principles. This methodology removes unnecessary and tedious data input requirements and allows flexibility of using it along with actual Project implementation.

Modular Approach Followed in P2E Tool Kit
Module A : Project Detail
  » Overview
  » Technical Specifications
  » Commercial Terms & Contracts
  » Dependencies
Module B : Top Management Track Record
  » Top Management’s Previous Experience in similar Projects
  » Ownership of Project
  » In-house competencies
Module C : Project Schedules
  » Major Milestones & Dependencies
  » Detail Schedules
  » Dashboards
  » Team, Roles and Deliverables
Module D : Project Monitor
  » Variance Analysis – Scope, Time, Cost
  » Plan B
  » Executive Decisions
P2E uses project management software such as MS Project, Primavera and has in built processes to ensure realistic project management requirements in Indian context.
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