TredX is born out of labors of IIT IIM professionals with decades of industrial experience. Backed by highly competent young technical team TredX boasts of an extremely efficient state of the art education delivery engine. Though it encompasses over 150 processes critical for education and training programs, it is extremely easy to use on any device anywhere.
TredX your organization and enjoy a hassle free growth
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  What does TredX do?
  TredX removes all your operational hassles. While you focus on core content and students / trainees, the rest will be handled elegantly by TredX. Once you start using this platform, you will be on par with the best in the world irrespective of your domain, size or location.
  With TredX you can automate all your functions such as:
  » Setting up Training programs, scheduling and enlisting users
  » Managing multiple Projects and Courses simultaneously
  » Administrating Records, Assessments, Performance tracking and audit
  » Hosting content – courses, modules, sessions in multiple formats including multi media
  » Management, executive and Academic Dashboards
  » Big data Management and Analytics
  » Alerts and notifications through web and mobile
  » Linkages with external and internal systems
  Whether it is one, few or all functions, TredX can boost your organization with cost effective solutions.

With capabilities of handling on-line, blended and physical mode of education/training, TredX boasts of a single point solution to all issues. Save your time and effort while focusing on the growth of your organization.
  TREDX works for you, depending on the nature of your activities. Click below to see how.
Vocational training Institutions
Academic Institutions
  How does it work?
  Core to the TredX is the powerful engine built on latest web and mobile software. Its optimized code ensures high level of performance irrespective of number of users or data size.

For instance about 10000 trainees already go through the system with out any issues.

TredX will get configured to your organizational requirements and all external links will be defined. From very basic ‘data input – data output’ model to ‘real time – on-line – web & mobile’ situations can be easily configurable in TredX. It comes with high level of data integrity and security functionality.

Organizations can use TredX to deliver their programs whenever they need and pay for only the services used thereby avoiding costly commitments.

TredX is ideal for corporates in knowledge dissemination, training and employee development tasks. Academic Institutions can manage their content and short and long term programs with ease. TredX is successfully being used by NSDC funded Training & Vocational Organizations to manage their training programs. Even coaching (group or individual) segment will find TredX a best alley in handling non-core activities.

Talk about IT and Processes & Methods? TredX is a blend of best of every thing which will add value to your activities from the day one.
  We are confident that our solution and services will help you in reducing costs and CATAPULT your company training programs to a new level of Experience.
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